City seeking grant for a new neighborhood park

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) grant application was approved by the Storm Lake City Council this week in hopes of establishing a park in the Field of Dreams area.

The program is the same one that funded the City's purchase of the former Joyce's Greenhouse site earlier, which is slated for a park development next year after grass has become established.

Storm Lake is requesting $75,000 to buy a 1.28-acre areas on the south side of 10th Street just to the east of Mid-American's substation at the corner of 10th and Vestal.

"The neighborhood surrounding this property has several multifamily dwelling units within close proximity and a quick drive through this area will reveal a lot of homes with young children playing," a City report reads. "The demographics of this neighborhood would show a mixed diversity of population, low to moderate income housing units, and a populace with younger children. Given this location's close proximity to the Field of Dreams and the 9th Street ball field, this would be an ideal (location)." The City looked at the site a year ago, but decided that the Joyce's site should be the priority at that time.

City officials feel that a park development with native prairie, rain garden and bioswails could help control stormwater runoff from the 10th Street area. A picnic pavilion and other amenities are also being considered, and the drawing of the proposed park also shows the possibility of community gardens.

The council agreed to apply for the grant and make an offer on the land contingent on the grant being received. No local matching funds would be necessary.

This grant program is competitive. Funds are not available for athletic fields, baseball or softball diamonds, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools or playground equipment. City officials representing the Iowa Park and Recreation Association and League of Cities select which projects receive funds

In other city council action this week:

* The council approved a noise ordinance for the Lao Temple for Sept. 2, 4-11 p.m. for a ceremonial celebration, and approved measures for the Step Up Running event on Sept. 2 including a noise ordinance and closing the Awaysis Park parking lot.

* A second reading was approved for a zoning change for property at the southeast corner of College and W. 7th Street owned by Rick and Carol Peterson, from residential to commercial. A final reading is scheduled for August 21.

* A public hearing was set for August 21 on a requested zoning change for four properties in the 2000 block of Howard Road and two in the 1200 block of Kelvin Road to R-3 residential. Mag-Shu LLC is proposing to construct duplex or single family attached residential developments.

* The council accepted the only bid for a 1st and Mae area sewer lining project. This project is one of the eight funded through the National Disaster Resiliency Grant. Approximately 6,662 linear feet of sanitary sewer will be cleaned, repaired and re-lined at a cost of nearly 4641,000. This area is historically prone to back-up issues during large rain events. Federal HUD funds will cover 75 percent of the cost.

* A public hearing was held on the plans for extended infrastructure in the city-owned Third Addition, including extending Oneida Street from north of 12th to 13th Street and constructing Magnolia Lane 500 feet east from Oneida. Five bids were received, the lowest from Hulstein Excavating from Minnesota for almost $493,000, $60,000 below the estimate. The company is already in town doing street work and is ready to begin work as soon as the contract is completed.

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