Safe Room continues to take shape for school

Friday, July 21, 2017
The four preschool rooms are beginning to take shape in the safe room as the walls are going up.

Progress is happening with the building the tornado safe rooms at the Alta Elementary School.

The walls are beginning to take shape and concrete is being poured.

The safe room will house three large preschool rooms.

A concourse area will be just outside the class rooms for children activities and lunch time.

The safe area is being funded by a grant from FEMA and Homeland Security.

The grant is for $1,000,000 towards the project and the school contribution is $160,000.

The room is rated for up to an F5 tornado. The safe room has its own generator and ventilation system that are separate from the school.

It is able to withstand hurricane force winds.

The construction of the safe room will be concrete block, filled with grout and routing steel.

The roof will be steel bar joist, with six inches of concrete and wire mesh on the roof. When the safe room is completed it will be able to support 714 people.