Storm Lake district school board debates 2017-2018 goals

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Storm Lake District School Board reviewed the IASB Legislative Priority List. The Board needed to select the districtís top four priorities. School infrastructure was deemed most important. This supports preserving the integrity of the statewide penny sales tax for school infrastructure including the tax equity provisions.

Other legislative priorities: Preschool- supports an increase in funding from the current weighting of 0.5 to 1.0 full-time equivalent to ensure all 4 year olds have access to high quality public school preschool program. Districts should be given maximum flexibility to assign costs to the program.

English learners - supports sufficient and on time funding for English learners (EL) until the students reach proficiency.

Mental Health - supports increased statewide access to and funding for mental health services.

The Board selected Dave Skibsted to be appointed to serve as the district at the Delegate Assembly at the IASB fall convention on November 15,2017.

Goals for the School Board for 2017-2018 involve student achievement, parent involvement, communications, facility and the 1 cent sales tax. This will be discussed more at the August meetihg.

During the spring semester, the school district received news that they would not be receiving the 21st Century grant for the elementary after school programming.

Since receiving the news Superintendent Carl Turner and Lynn Redenbaugh have been working to develop a plan analyzing the fee structure for Elementary Tornado Academy after school program to determine a rate that would be affordable to parents and help offset the cost of after school programming.

After much discussion Dr. Turner recommended an increase to the fee from $10 per week to $25 per week. Families with two or more children would be charged no more than $50 per week.

The 28E Iowa Central College Agreement which allows the District to offer college credit to 9th through 12th grade and charter students was renewed. Fees would be charged by the college per semester hour, the cost depending on whether or not the college would furnish the instructor. The agreement is renewed annually.

A Public Hearing was held for the sale of School District Property Lot 6, West School Addition. No one was present so the hearing was closed. The Board voted to approve the sale of the property for $229,700 which was $200 over asking price.

The Board approved continuing the school districtís contract with Nilda Aguiire for the 2017-2018 school year. Prairie Lakes AEA has indicated that Title 3 funding will be available to reimburse the school district for the $90,000 annual consulting fee. This is a three year contract and this is the last year under the contract.

Upper Des Moines Early Childhood (Ginger Bread House) contract between the school district and IDMO for 4 year old preschool services provided by Head Start was reviewed. According to legislation, preschool providers are entitled to all the money their students generate with the exception of 5% administrative cost charged by the district.

Less the administrative cost, UDMO will be entitled to $158,270. UDMO will be asked to submit documentation of how their money was spent and the school district will reimburse UDMO for state allowable expenditures.

St. Maryís Catholic Early Childhood Inclusive Classroom Partnership will be like that of Upper Des Moines. St.Maryís will be entitled to $88,631.

As a result of some painting not being needed, change order 22 was analyzed for the two items which would reduce the cost by $2,385 to the project.

Change Order 23 will deduct the amount of $88,384.41 from Baddingís contract for cost incurred by the District for DLR Groupís additional architectural and engineering services since March 1, 2016.

A list of items needed to be completed was furnished to the Board that needs to be completed at the high school.

The estimated cost of completing the list is $16,270. Iowa code allows the district to retain 200% of these unfinished items which totals $32,540. Once these items are satisfactory completed DLR will submit a payment application.

$17,140 needs to be added to the cost of the High School Gym Renovation to cover the cost of having the HV AC units moved so they were located where the roof was reinforced.

Item 2 was a deduction for work that was not needed in the amount $1,200. The final result of the change order is $15,920 being added to the cost of the High School Renovation Project.

A Certificate of Completion for the auditorium lighting was reviewed by Paul from DLR asking the Board to sign the certificate of substantial completion dated May 16, 2017. This will be the warranty date for beginning coverage of the lighting system.

The District has been using the Employee Assistance Program though Mercy Medical Services offered by Carebridge Corporation since February of 2016.

Turner believes the program offers valuable services to employees who experience a need. Medical services once approved would begin July 1, 2017 and continue through June 30, 2018 at a cost of $507.79 per month for 348 employees.

Resignations were approved for Abby Weber, Middle School teacher, Lori Darrow - 9th Grade Softball Coach, Autumn Long - Storm Lake Elementary School Special Education, Jamie Garvick instructional assistant Elementary school, and Chase Lopez Wilson - High School Instructional Assistance.

Contracts were offered to Matt Ricklefs - assistant 7th grade football coach. Haley Kohlmeyer - 7th grade volleyball coach, Thomas Cowell for Elementary evening custodian, and Jamie Garvick Elementary evening custodian.

The next regular meeting will be August 16 at 7:00 p.m.