Students film SLHS promo video

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Sami Damanhoury and Phillip Xouiyavong present their video to the school board

Teenage filmmakers Sami Damanhoury and Phillip Xouiyavong presented their most recent effort, a promotional video for Storm Lake High School, to the school board Thursday evening. The idea came out of a fall Citizens Advisory Board meeting, as the district hopes to duplicate the success of the local police department that has created a number of videos for social media.

High School Principal Beau Ruleaux said that he remembered going to movies at the local theater when other schools sometimes had promotional videos as part of the advertising played before the feature.

The video, which can be seen on YouTube under “Storm Lake High School,” touts the diversity, music and sports of the school.

The young filmmakers are considering an expanded version, and possibly a version promoting all of the district schools, and invited input. “All of you have a voice in how the school should be presented,” Sami said.

Ruleaux hops that a promotional video can be an annual tradition and a challenge for aspiring filmmakers from the student body in the future.