Parents ask for more input on curriculum

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Two parents brought their concerns to the Storm Lake Board of Education this week, concerned about a potential curriculum change being made without parents being made aware.

One urged the board to continue a reading policy to serve all of the children, not just “those in the middle.” She said she has one child in an accelerated program, and another with special needs. “I don’t have a child in the middle.”

She said that she had always thought that the district wanted parental involvement, but came to question that when “decisions as big as this are not brought to us as parents.”

She said that parents and teachers don’t feel they can have their voices heard directly by administrators. “Tell is what’s going on, and keep us in the loop.”

The issue was never brought up during an advisory committee meeting in March, she added.

The other mother noted that the community is rural, diverse and economically disadvantaged for some, but said that it seemed that decisions were being made behind closed doors by a small group of people. “It needs to happen in the light of day. From our administrators, we we like to see more transparency.”

School board members said they welcomed the comments. Board president Peter Seinfeld assured the two parents that the board will do its utmost to assure transparency, and noted that the curriculum issues hadn’t been presented to the board yet, and no decisions have been made.

Board member Marcella Koth said, “I wish more people would come to the board with opinions.”