Letter to the Editor

Reader's Respond

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I have just read your editorial ďA womanís decision, not a legislatorísĒ [3/11/17]. From the title, one would assume that you are siding with a womanís right to choose.

Your editorial states ďOne element of the bill, I think, both sides should welcome. It is to implement a 72-hour waiting period before the patient can proceed with an abortion. Given the life and death nature of this decision, and the momentous impact it will have on the patientís own life, a waiting period is appropriate, which is why we have such a period for gun purchasesĒ.

You seem to think women just stop by the abortion clinic without any thought process. This is another example of men thinking that women just havenít thought this through. By the time a woman has made the decision to not go through with a pregnancy, she has absolutely agonized over the decision. No woman ever makes this decision without thorough contemplation and anguish. A 72-hour waiting period is not going to change this decision, it will only add to the burden of poor, rural young women.

What we need is access to family planning and support for young or poor mothers such as subsidized day care and parenting assistance.

I am so tired of male legislators making decisions concerning women and their bodies. Maybe we should make a deal with our legislators. Male legislators should make laws pertaining to menís health (low sperm count, enlarged prostates) and female legislators should make decisions pertaining to womenís health issues. Or we could simply take the legislative process out of the equation and leave these decisions up to the woman, the person who knows what is best for her.