Letter to the Editor

Why do Iowans elect King?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

As someone born and raised in Storm Lake, I have always been proud of the growth and change that Storm Lake has made since the Ď70ís. I have told folks that Storm Lake is leading Iowa into the future of diversity. Many towns and cities would be better off if they learned from Storm Lakeís experience as to how to rejuvenate themselves. I fully realize that it hasnít always been an easy process.

Thus, it was with alarm and deep concern that I read and viewed repeated accounts of your Congressman King making racist remarks. The message to the rest of the world seems to be that Iowa District 4 continues to elect a representative that believes that minorities and their children weaken our communities.

ďYou cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody elseís babies,Ē King said in the CNN interview. It appears that he is stating that he only wants white babies and their families to populate District 4, and only those white families have good values and strengthen communities.

I understand the 4th district is anchored by the conservative principles held by his faction of the Republican Party. I appreciate that you are concerned about protecting your way of life, your livelihood, and your small rural communities. What I donít understand is what this elected official you have chosen to represent you in D.C. since 2003 has actually done to address those concerns. Kingís offensive public statements do not contribute in any real way to the critical problems facing your district and our state. In fact, his behaviors are more likely compromising your ability to keep and attract talented individuals and successful companies.

Is it about what he has done for your district? Because it looks like he hasnít passed a single bill in 14 years of service. Thatís right. Over his tenure, Rep. King has sponsored or co-sponsored 120 bills, and not a single one has made it out of the U.S. House of Representatives.

What else is he bringing to the table? What has he done? Why do you continue to elect this man? Why did 226,719 of you check the box next to his name last November? If you are not supporting him for his success at bringing legislative contributions to your communities, then I fear it appears that you are supporting him because of the racist values he so frequently expresses versus what he is able to accomplish for you in Washington.