Letter to the Editor

Readers Respond

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I feel scared for mine and others’ lives

thinking tomorrow the world will come to an end

We are one nation under God

for me that means we are all the same

even though we are white, black or brown

but with your mentality you’re bringing all of us down

being the president of the United States

you should protect and comfort our country

with each of Our Lives

not become enemies nor disrespect our rights

All those children you hear cry

Begging on their knees to let their parents

Be with them in their lives

Being afraid to go to sleep

wondering if tomorrow they will see their parents by their side

How far is our country going to come

showing hate, racism and disrespect

but if we all put that aside

we share Care for one another

we can make our country the best

remember we are one nation under God