SLHS students attend play at ISU

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Storm Lake High School students had the opportunity to attend a play at Iowa State University. Students reflect on their experiences.

Lupita Morales:

When the ninth grade Accelerated English students were told they were going to see the play, The Importance of Being Earnest, we were all ecstatic. We were going to see Oscar Wildeís play come to life and have the full experience. It was also very exciting because we were going to see the performing arts side of Iowa State University. This experience was not only very entertaining but informative too.

Before we went to see the play, we read through the whole production so we could have some background information on the play we were going to see. This helped us get a general understanding of the characters and plot of the play. The day we were going to see the play, all of the students were curious about how the actors playing Oscar Wildeís famous characters would bring them to life, and how they would add their own spin on the characters. After the two-hour long bus ride, we finally were able to see the play. The play was outstanding and very comedic. It had just the right amount of humor and seriousness. After the play, the actors and directors came out to explain to us the making of the play and take some questions. We learned on how the actors are juggling many things when it comes to school, jobs, internships and the play. They gave some great advice to us about going out for speech, auditioning for plays and taking any opportunity that comes your way to building your character. After we were done talking with the actors and directors, we went to get lunch. As we walked there, we got to see some of the aspects of Iowa State such as their Greek Life, history and the students who are going to Iowa State. This was beneficial to us because we are constantly looking at colleges where we want to go to in the future, and this showed us that Iowa State could be an option for any of the students.

The Importance of Being Earnest, The Performing Arts Department of Iowa State, and the University, in general, was a very enjoyable and informative opportunity the students of Storm Lake High School were very thankful to be a part of. We hope that in the future, we can have another experience like this and learn a lot more from the next.

Cole Kleespies:

Hi, my name is Cole Kleespies, and I attend Storm Lake Community High School. The previous week on Friday, March 3rd, my class and a few select students from speech and TAG (Talented And Gifted) were able to visit Iowa State University. The ride there and back was long but completely worth it, not just for the food but also the learning and exposure to the college lifestyle, campus, and major/minors.

I had the chance to read the script with the class before going to Iowa State; it was really surprising that when we started watching the performance, I understood and was able to process the play much better than if it had been a first time intro. The performers were very good and made the acts individualized as well as presenting a different type of literature and life skills, such as comedy, memorization, group working environment, and public speaking skills.

When the performance came to a conclusion, the actors stepped onto the stage as a group to help us understand what being in college is like. It was fascinating to learn that many of the people in the performance did not have an acting major or minor, but instead had a major in a field such as biochemistry. I opened up new ideas and future paths for me personally to take in college, not only following my major curriculum, but also enjoying my time being young and having fun where I am.

Thus a conclusion for me: the trip was a complete success and provided understanding for what can I possibly achieve or do in the future.

Jessica Slight

I had a very enjoyable experience going to the play at Iowa State University. The play was very interesting, and it was fun to see it portrayed on stage after we had read it aloud in English class. I would definitely recommend for other people to see The Importance of Being Earnest sometime. The actors did a very good job of capturing the personalities of the characters and using British accents, so I felt they were cast very well. There were many moments in the play that made me laugh because of the different kind of humor that Oscar Wilde writes with. The theater where the play was performed was a cozy place, making it the perfect spot for the production. I loved the set design, and it really added a lot to the play. Afterwards, it was very interesting talking to the actors. They gave a glimpse of what it is like to be a college student involved with theater and how they manage their schedules. Lunch was good as well as the play, and Iowa State has a very nice campus. I might consider going to college there someday, even though I am currently a Hawkeye fan. All in all, going to the play was a very neat experience in which I learned a little something about plays and theater.

David Soutprasong:

The field trip to Iowa State University was a blast. If you havenít gone on their campus, you should give it a try. When we arrived, they handed us brochures so we can have an idea of who was playing what characters. The play took a couple of hours, but I think it was worth it. The time flew by fast and didnít seem like it lasted a long time. After the play the cast came out and talked to us about their majors and answered our questions. I was really surprised on some of their majors because some werenít in the theatre major. The actors told us that we didnít need many skills to play a part in the play. People just had to put in effort and time. After the play was over, we walked to the cafeteria and had a good lunch. At the end of the day when we had to leave; I wanted to stay longer because of how fun it was.

Yuselin Vazquez:

I really enjoyed going over to Iowa State. Although the purpose for the trip was to go see the play, for me it was also a way to see the campus. As the years are going by, I want to decide on a college to go to, so getting to see the school was a great opportunity. After reading the play Importance of Being Earnest, I was excited to be able to see it performed. The actors did a great job portraying the characters, and definitely made it intriguing to watch. My favorite part of the trip was getting to know the students, and getting to see how diverse they all are. We got to hear about where they came from, what they majored in, and what challenges they had acting their character. They shared how they had to work with school and being in a play at the same time, and it gave me a real feel to the life of a college student. Overall I was fond of the field trip, and was much more than just watching the play. It was a new experience, and I would be glad to do it again.

Valentin Ventura:

On March 3rd we went to Iowa State University to watch a wonderful play by the name of The Importance of Being Earnest. The play was executed in a passionate manner, and the cast seemed to blend into their characters, like if it was their own personality.

One of the most eye-catching things seen on that day was the set design. The set was beautifully crafted and painted, as it looked a lot like the interior of a house. The outside scenes were the most breathtaking; the way that they were painted was amazing. The shading was accurate on the painted trees and looked like it was done by someone with a lot of experience. The props that they used fit in well with the background. The chairs used in Algernonís house looked like they belonged there, and the magnificent statue in the outdoor scenes seemed to belong right there where it stood.

Although the set was well made, the most important part of the play were the actors and the acting itself. The cast nailed their roles and seemed passionate about them. It was fascinating how much effort went into their parts. The accents they used sounded real, and everyone stayed in character, even during the funny parts in this comedy. The people who played the characters were memorable by showing actions that helped us understand what was occurring, even if they werenít talking.

Afterwards we got to ask the cast a few questions, and there we learned how much time was put into their parts because we were told that they started to practice in early December. Also we learned how you can have a passion for the stage, but still be taking other majors. It was shown by having around three people out of around fifteen chasing a major of acting. -

Fletcher Kucera:

I think the Cyclone experience was a very fun and new one. It helped show me how close I am to college and showed me many routes I could go in my life. The play was good for a bunch of college kids that donít all major in Fine Arts & Theater. They showed me how I could spend some of my free time, by showing my skills in front of my peers. Also, itís pretty awesome that you donít have to major in the Fine Arts to do a play. The experience made me realize how many majors there are in many colleges. Every single actor had a different major, which shows how much interest people have in different areas. We didnít get a ďofficialĒ tour, but when we walked around the campus, I could see the campus life at its finest. In the Union Hall, I saw a lot of socialization there and a lot of friendly kids that wanted to talk. I personally loved this experience I was given by my school and ISU, and thank everyone who helped make it possible.

Cathleen Manivong:

On Friday, March 3rd, Christina Rice took forty-eight (48) students to Iowa State University to watch the play, The Importance Of Being Earnest written by Oscar Wilde. I fortunately had the opportunity to go and watch the play. Wilde made the characters in the play to be dramatic, non-relatable and to be made fun of, and the ISU students portrayed their parts perfectly and definitely made it amusing and fun to watch. After the play, the students described themselves and explained what it would be like to be involved in other activities and be able to have time to do homework etc. I thought it was very helpful and kind of them to take their time to do this. Going on this field trip gave many students including me a great opportunity to see the campus and get a feel of what it is like to be a college student.