Letter to the Editor

The flag, and Iowa Street

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Heading south on North Lake Avenue after having a super meal of hand breaded cod and sweet potatoes fries. Rolling passed Storm Lake Chevy dealer, now they know how to fly old Glory as does Buena Vista University. Moving by a bank on North Lake Avenue they have a proper flag pole, although the flag is missing. The American veterans would like to see Glory flying there.

This was a good time to swing by the city hall and check on their flag. From Santaís Castle I could not observe it. By golly, they do display the flag. Itís on the north side of the entry hall.

My only objection is the height. I would like to see the flag pole extended so the Stars and Stripes could fly free above the roof line. Anyone reading my past and recent memories know I have a fetish for our countryís flag. Our flag has been with me for over 80 years in my movements around the City beautiful. Also on the way home we swung down Iowa Street. Iowa Street is only two blocks long, lies between College and Early Street. Iowa Street is slowly disappearing with the expansion of B.V.U. moving north. The south side of the street is gone, is now college dorms and parking lots.

With snow predicted, Iím reminded of sledding on Iowa Street; from the east end you could sled all the way down to Early Street. What was great fun was grabbing hold of the rear bumper on the cars; in the 1930ís cars had bumpers front and back. To get around you put on tire chains. I donít think streets were plowed then, I could be wrong. Chains were always breaking a link and banging on the metal fenders. You didnít want to grab on that side of the car. If a driver lived on lower Early Street you could sled almost to the Scout Cabin. It was a long walk back up to upper Iowa Street, unless you could catch a car going back up. During the summer heavy rains the water ran like a river all the way to the lake. We passed the house on Iowa that I used to call the Anderson homestead. My family did live there for almost 70 years. Wonder if there is anyone else out and about that recalls memories of growing up on a street in Storm Lake or as I always referred to it as Muddy Waters.