Letter to the Editor

Take care of home first

Thursday, February 9, 2017

At coffee today, my friend Heidi was steaming mad. She works with the public and I want to say is one of the nicest, kindest, women I have ever known. She was visiting with one of her clients she said, and was discussing politics. She shared with the coffee group and said she wished she could tell the world how some of us think, and I say some of us because I am included in her beliefs.

She said: ďI had somebody tell me not too long ago that Iím not very Christian because I believe in the travel ban. I have been thinking about that and I would just like to say that I am very Christian and I am NOT ok with how some countries treat their women and children. The group I am talking about mutilates their girls so that they never can have pleasurable sex. They beat and rape their women and if a woman gets raped by someone else they stone them to death. These terrorist kill all dogs because of their beliefs and itís time to wake up people. These people are not evil by nature they have been raised and conditioned to believe that this is the way things are supposed to be, these are terrorists.Ē

All of you liberals out complaining about things, why donít YOU fight for those women and children? These terrorists arenít running away from this behavior, they are getting away from the war and such going on around them. Therefore these terrorists are bringing their behaviors here and it is spilling out into the United States. These terrorists are raping women and children and see nothing wrong with it. They think it is the way it should be and you idiots who are fighting for them. Do you think these terrorists smile and are going to pat you on the back and thank you? No. These terrorists believe all Americans are infidels and itís ok to rape beat and kill all infidels (Americans).

Read their law, become educated, donít just complain about their lack of rights in the U.S. Those who think these terrorists have the right to come here and do whatever they want need to understand what you are complaining about. You need to know why I want to keep my country safe for my family and friends. Iím voicing my opinion concerning this country and the safety of ALL in this country, even the Americans that are inciting violence and have forgotten what it is to be an American.