Letter to the Editor

Kids canít fight cancer alone

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Storm Lake High Schoolís AVID I class has raised over 300 dollars for the ACCO, also known as the American Childhood Cancer Organization. In October of 2016, Mrs. Hill and her AVID I class were on the unit of community service. They were then split into groups to create a community service project that the class could do together. By the end of the month, the class decided to pick the idea of selling bracelets for the ACCO. The ACCO, specializes in age appropriate treatments for children.

The ACCO was founded by a family who also faced the challenge of cancer and were joined by a national community of families and survivors. The ACCO is committed to improving the lives of the kids and families who are fighting cancer and to provide the kids with a happy and healthy future. The students wanted to bring more awareness for this organization by raising money to send to the ACCO by selling bracelets for one dollar during and after school, such as school events and selling them during lunch. The AVID class all put their input into how they wanted the bracelets to be designed. To represent all the cancers, the AVID class wanted to make the bracelet a rainbow pattern. On the outside of the bracelet they decided to put the word AWARENESS and on the inside of the bracelet, to represent their school, they put Storm Lake Tornadoes. Their slogan was #DoitforthekidsACCO.

The Avid class started off with 300 bracelets to sell but accumulated more money with donations. The students were required to create three posters to put around the school and provide a poster for the table where they sold bracelets. Overall, the kids said it was a great experience to work together and help a great cause. They also said they would like to continue doing this for the next four years while being in AVID and take what they learned in class into the future.