Letter to the Editor

A trip to Santa’s Castle

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The castle is quiet. The sounds of the season, music and lights of many colors, the antimation of past time all still.

I did get back after Christmas to get some pictures of Robbies Flying Red Horse Gas Station. It sets in the HO Gauge Train layout. Castle has two layouts - one is HO and one O Gauge. I did get to see a steamer running on the O gauge tracks. The Engineer even had a sound of a steamer from a wooden toy whistle.

I was told Burt got down to see his “work in progress,” great! Does the Castle still open for tours or groups during the summer? Never got my pictures sent to Royal. Had a phone call from Shirley Fortune, wife of Royal Dean Fortune. Royal had passed away in California. He graduated from Storm Lake High School, Class of 1947. Royal attended West Grade School and S.L. Jr. High. He had strong feelings for Storm Lake. His father was Station Agent for the Milwaukee Road Railroad which ran through Storm Lake. That depot set somewhere around the Pizza Hut. The Milwaukee had a rail line out west to Storm Lake Canning Factory. That’s another story. Royal was a veteran, U. S. Navy. Shirley asked me to call Rose, which I did. Royal had a longtime friendship with her family. If my memory is correct, Royal also attended North School probably in the 1930’s. I was told while attending West, when you get to Junior High you would run into those tough kids from North. You know, it never happened. Most of us all moved on and graduated class of ‘47.” Wow! 70 years ago.

As I waited outside the Castle for my wife to pick me up, my eyes scanned the area. The castle flag pole displayed a Santa’s Castle flag and above it in all its glory, wavering in a NW breeze the flag of the United States of America.

Old Glory always flies above any other banner, due east flying at the Library, SE the BV County Court House, North at Meta Bank and farther North the Storm Lake City Hall? No stars and stripes? For years they flew over City Hall. I will have to check into that. Many men and women young and old enjoy these colors, Red, White, and Blue; white and red stripes with 50 Stars on a field of blue. Downtown Storm Lake and surrounding area needs many more displaying the flag of America.

Wife just drove up, My Uncle’s cane comes in handy. I still have a drivers license but I don’t have that itch to drive, like I did at age 18. Got horne, forgot to check out City Hall! I’ll put that down in my “Honey do” Scratch Pad.

Back on Vestal Street.