Letter to the Editor

The dog days of winter

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Letter to the Editor:

Many of you would recognize me on sight. You see, I take my human subordinates on walks four times a day around Storm Lake, regardless of weather. I donít much like the rain, but this white stuff is an extra special joy. Iím just a teenager in dog years, and nothing makes me happier than frolicking in fresh powder. Iím that dog who, if my parents cut my hair too short, you think is a Dalmatian, but Iím an English Setter.

But, enough about me. I write to you out of concern for my subordinates. They are getting a little old and maybe not in as good of shape as they once were. They are troopers, though, and will go wherever I pull them. January has been hard on them.

No one likes to walk in the cold, except me, but my subordinates just put on a bunch of funny looking things and follow along. Then we got that slippery stuff that none of us could walk on. I was concerned for their safety. While often they just fall down on clear days, that slippery stuff made it worse. I wondered if the time might come when Iíd have to drag them down the street to that place where the loud, mechanical things with lights take sick people. I was surprised how many humans didnít melt that slippery stuff off the sidewalks.

Then we got a whole bunch of that white stuff I like so much. I mean, it was great to roll around on the street because those machines with big metal things didnít push it out of the way for hours. And, a whole lot of people who live in homes with and without dogs just didnít bother to push it to the side either. It makes no difference to me, but my subordinates seem to walk a lot more slowly when you leave that white stuff there. I like to walk and run fast, so you are slowing me down.

Youíd think thereíd be rules about such things. When I donít do something, I get scolded and corrected. Apparently, subordinates donít have rules, which must be kind of cool. But, if Iím thinking about my humansí well-being, then you should probably follow the rules and melt that slippery stuff and move that white stuff out of the way.

Finally, thank you for leaving scraps along my walking paths. My favorites are chicken and pork bones because I can crunch them the best. If any of those scattered morsels give me a tummy ache, I suppose thatís on me as I know Iím only supposed to eat what is in my dish. Thanks for supplementing my diet, though.

Of course, as my humans say, if we just had a dog park, then I wouldnít have to write letters, which is kind of hard with these paws.

All my best