Letter to the Editor

Garbage on water bills

Thursday, January 5, 2017

To all City Council members: Garbage on water bills is a bad idea.

I have lived in my house for 20 years. I keep a coffee can on my counter for scraps and I take them outside and put them in a compost barrel.

I keep two receptacles in my kitchen. One for recycles in clear bags and another for non recyclables.

The non recyclables I take out to the garage and put in a big black bag in a large garbage can. It hold about 6 of the smaller bags.

The clear bag recyclables I keep in the garage until I get 6-8 of them. When I do, I take all bags to the recycle center and pay $10.00.

I only need to go there about every 8 weeks, sometimes 10 weeks. Being a senior, I do not have much garbage.

Therefore, I do not need or want to have garbage pickup.

The only other trash I have is picking up for people throwing wrappers and pop cans etc. on my lawn as they walk by.

That will never change, no matter what the city does.

I am a Senior on a fixed income. I do not want to have mandatory garbage fees put on my water bill that I cannot afford. As stated, I do not need or want it.

It is high enough now the way it is figured.

Sewer is twice as high as water... I know I donít use the sewer more than the water I use.

If there is a problem with the dumpsters in the parks being used for garbage dumps, take them out of there.

They donít need to be there. What ever happened to taking trash home after a picnic etc.? We always take our trash home when I take my great grandkids to the parks.

Please consider the elderly on fixed incomes when you consider this. Home owners will be paying the tab and not people in apartments where utilities are furnished. This just seems like just another way for the city to get funds. How much will the city get for handling the billing for the garbage service?