Letter to the Editor

President-elect Trump and a funeral

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I felt it was time to put some things into perspective concerning the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

The perspective is my take of those who wish to protest this election. To watch people openly cry and others to wear safety pins on their lapels to show others they are safe to talk to about the election and Trump’s victory is mind numbing. Their need for a shoulder to cry on is beyond the pale as far as I’m concerned. I now know for a fact now that conservatives and progressive liberals are fundamentally wired differently figuratively. I wore no pins or cried when President Obama was elected twice, I just went back to the ballot box when I had the chance.

So why my reference to a funeral? Let me pragmatically give you my thoughts and opinion.

Just recently I attended a funeral for a dear ninety six year old friend. He passed just before Veterans Day and that’s where this opinion begins. James Dale Keefe was a tail gunner on the infamous B-17 bomber in World War II. Mr. Keefe completed 29 missions over Germany and of course came home as a member of the greatest generation. A war fought so that citizens today could cry over an election and protest with their first amendment rights intact because of that victory over fascist oppression.

However what struck me was something the officiating Father said that day. The dash on a tombstone represents everything about that individual between the two dates inscribed on the stone. And the following is a part of James’s dash.

During the viewing I saw his Distinguished Service Flying medal laying on the silk pillow by his head and realized a very stark reality about that “pin” then and the “pins” now. No it wasn’t a safety pin that our protesters are wearing today, it was “A” pin that said he was willing to put his life on the line 29 times under the “baptism of fire” so that everything he knew that was good, in his America back home, could be preserved. Maybe you can ask a marine who hit the beaches at Normandy where his “safety pin” was when the landing craft doors opened and he was exposed to the horrific barrage of German machine guns at the same age of these college kids who feel life is going to be traumatic with Mr. Trump as a President.

And as for the tears over an election. Holy smoke get a grip. James and his fellow flight officers are the ones who could school all of us about tears for a nation. The mortality rate for B-17 crews was beyond belief until we got control of the skies over Germany. Jim once shared with me the feelings he had on how it felt after they landed back in England and would wait nervously knowing they wouldn’t see some of the other 10 man crews not making it home. Those are tangible tears to the situation my liberal friends.

I am a conservative. I voted for Donald J Trump. I do not have the ability to comprehend the need for tears and safety pins for the “softest generation.” President Obama’s ideas and agenda have been soundly rejected, plain and simple by our great nation.