Letter to the Editor

Connie’s popcorn

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Passing though Chautauqua Park Drive, I notice the bay dock had been removed for the winter. This caused me to flash back in time to over 60 years ago. For a couple of years that dock was put in by several Storm Lake residents, I believe all business men, including myself. We tied up our boats there each spring through to fall. One of the dock builders we called, Connie. Connie had a popcorn stand on West 5th, it sat on the south side of the street, near Dumbaughs side entrance near the alley. Across the alley was the Lake Theater. Back when I was a teen you got your popcorn from Connie before going to the movies. Connie lived for fishing, trolling for walleyes was the name of the game. Dock building stopped in the later ‘50s. There was no water under the docks anymore.

Connie lays at rest in the Storm Lake Cemetery, northeast section, east of the sexton’s office. His gravestone reads Raymond L. Conrad 1908-1966. God took him at age 58. Ray was a WWII vet. He rests beside his parents, his mother being a member of the D.A.R. There are hundreds of American veterans at rest here, with much beauty when the trees turn color. Actually this cemetery has beauty in all seasons and is cared for well.

I thought I would share these memories. I will sign this Old Geezer, my email name.

- Here on Vestel Street, Jack Stanley Anderson