Iowa KidsNet celebrates November’s National Adoption Month

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Iowa KidsNet is proud to unite with families and advocates across the country to celebrate November’s National Adoption Month.

This is a time to recognize that more than 100,000 children in the U.S., including 345 in Iowa, are currently waiting in foster care for their forever family. For many children in foster care, it could take three years to finally be adopted.

Iowa KidsNet is a statewide contact for Iowa families seeking to foster, or adopt children from foster care. There is an ongoing need in Iowa for families to open up their homes, especially for sibling groups, teenagers, and children older than 8 years old. Each year, more than 23,000 children age out of the foster care system. Last year in Iowa, 39 children aged out with no family or permanent home.

“We need more of our Iowa families to help us provide permanent homes for our children in foster care,” said Kai McGee, Recruitment and Retention Manager with Iowa KidsNet. “Every child is worth it, and every child deserves a safe, loving home. There are currently far too many children in the U.S. who live each day without that support.”

But National Adoption Month is also a time to recognize the families who are making a difference for these children.

“Foster and adoptive parents play a crucial role in the lives of these children,” McGee said. “A child needs a parent to turn to when they have a bad day at school, or when they need advice for applying to their very first job. These are things we can often take for granted in our own lives, which is why it’s up to us to help our Iowa children in need.”

To learn more about becoming an Iowa foster parent or adopting from foster care in Iowa, attend a local information session. Learn more and see upcoming dates at If you would like to interview and adoptive family in your area or write a story on adoption in Iowa, contact Marissa Daily.