Letter to the Editor

Putin connection dangers

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In view of the inexcusable breaking of the Hatch rule by the FBI director’s letter to Congress I would like you to please publish in this week’s Pilot Tribune the enclosed Harry Reid letter, so that the citizens are correctly informed of what is happening during the final days before our presidential election. I am a long time Storm Lake resident, a naturalized U.S.A. citizen, since 1976, who came to this wonderful country because it stands for “liberty and justice for all”; yet, my heart is weary that some uninformed people may be supporting the candidate whose mental stability, immoral conduct, inimical foreign power, (even domestic underworld) connection and thuggish behavior make us a laughing stock of world nations. Not only do vulgar public rants and private statements give atrocious example to the people of this noble nation, but unsteady attitudes and narcissistic irritability make any sane person shudder at what might happen should such a person be the one close to the red button! I lived through the terrors of the Nazi occupation, then communist dictatorship in Poland, and I am perplexed by Putin connections and admiration for other world dictators. A plan of “building the wall to keep the unwanted out” is a two way sword: remember - the wall is there to keep others out, but it may also serve the government which wants to keep those in - in ! (Have we forgotten the Berlin Wall?) By publishing this letter you can show that Storm Lake Pilot Tribune is not biased in its reporting and has the future of our nation as its focus. I hope, reading my note will make people think, before they commit their vote to the ballot.

[Editor’s note: The Harry Reid letter accuses FBI Director James Comey of a “double standard” in rushing to publicize innuendo about Hillary Clinton while refusing to release “explosive information” that Reid says the FBI possesses about Donald Trump’s ties to the Russian government. The Reid letter referred to above can be seen in its entirety at http://www.reid.senate.gov/press_releases/2016-10-30