Letter to the Editor

From TOM DANIELS / Storm Lake

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

With all of the information concerning the upcoming election, I hope that we all remember that next week is also important as the time we honor our veterans. Veteranís Day has always been important to my wife Sharon and I, since both her parents served in the Navy and my dad served in the Coast Guard during WWII. However, since my retirement in 2009, I have had the opportunity and honor to serve as a volunteer driver for the BV County Veteranís office, taking veterans to medical appointments in Fort Dodge, Des Moines, Spirit Lake, Sioux City, Carroll, Omaha and Sioux Falls. This experience has given me a great appreciation for all of the veterans and their stories.

Buena Vista County has a van which we use to transport these servants of our country. Unfortunately, while appointments requiring drivers are needed 4 to 5 days per week, we are often unable to meet these needs due to a lack of certified drivers. These cancelled trips result in the need for the veterans to reschedule the appointments, often delaying services for weeks. We desperately need more drivers for these trips, so I am asking that if you are able to drive for trips like these, you contact John at the BV County Veteran Affairs office (712-749-2562) to find out how you can become involved.

There are requirements such as an application at the BV County Veteranís Affairs office, followed by a physical examination, fingerprinting, and a few hours of training at the Des Moines Veteranís Hospital. We current drivers would be happy to provide transportation to Des Moines for candidates who successfully complete an application. So if you really want to do something positive for our veterans, I encourage you to call John today to start the process. Take it from me Ė youíll get far more from this service than you could ever imagine!