Weaver: college affordability should be top issue

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Democratic candidate for Congress Kim Weaver said that she was struck by a keynote speech from Texas Representative Joaquin Castro Friday night at the Iowa Democratic Party Annual Gala.

“Representative Castro spoke about his childhood, growing up on the west side of San Antonio with a single mother, a community activist working to improve the lives of the poor and oppressed. He spoke of himself and other children getting beaten in school for speaking Spanish. He persevered, though. He studied hard, and through Pell grants and scholarships, was able to attend Stanford,” she said.

“For me, there was a ring of familiarity to this story,” she said, noting that as a single mother, she raised an eldest son who also received Pell grants and scholarships, and as a result, was able to attend MIT.

“Affordable college education is one of my top priorities,” she said. “No child with the will and determination to succeed should have the door to education shut in their face due to lack of money. Joaquin Castro’s story and my son K.C.’s story should serve as a bellwether for future American successes.

“The fight for affordable education for anyone willing to put in the effort required to obtain it shouldn’t be a fight... but unfortunately, it is,” she said, noting that crippling student loan debt is holding many students back. “The future of our country really does depend on these bright, hard working young adults having every opportunity to succeed.”

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