Egg Drop

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On October 7th the students of Mr. Wallís 8th grade science class competed against Mrs. Wieckís SLHS science class in an Egg Drop design contest. Students were tasked with designing a contraption to prevent their egg from breaking when dropped from the schoolís roof. The students were given a twenty-dollar budget and a materials list. They then had free reign to design anything out of the supplies they had purchased. Some studentís built tee-pee like structures out of straws, while others implemented balloons, plastic cups, cotton balls and plastic bags, in a variety of combinations. The initial results for Mr. Wallís class after the drop, suggested that those who used a plastic bag as a parachute, had eggs that survived. However, as it was a competition between classes, the speed and time it took for the eggs to descend were being taken into account to determine a winner. Students were in the process of calculating those numbers at the conclusion of class Friday. / Photos by Sarah Nicholson