Letter to the Editor

Build a house of hospitality

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sally is a poor widow. She lives alone in a small cottage her elderly father maintains for her benefit. She smokes, but she’s trying to cut down. She likes to read many books, one of them is the Bible. Besides God, her only companion is her Maine Coon cat named Misty Jane. Sally has described herself as “slow,” but whatever she lacks in worldly erudition, she makes up for with a heart of gold.

Recently, Sally befriended a couple of Micronesian immigrants who had fallen on hard times. Their lease ran out and they had nowhere to go. Sally thought about it and decided to “do the right thing” and took those people into her home and fed them for several days before they decided to move on.

Good people of Storm Lake, why can’t we do the same thing? Let us build a house of hospitality, a house for people no different than us - none of us always have made perfect choices. Let us build a house for our fellow man, for it grows cold. Let us not have our hearts grow cold as well. It could be you standing in their place. Build it for yourself, for others, for Christ’s sake! Welcome these people, and show them what it means to be a Christian.