Letter to the Editor

A discussion group on water

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dozens of protesters barricading the governor behind executive limits - ah, it reminds me of those anti-war days. But the thing is, when people start talking moratorium, next comes boycott, and then John Brown and Harper's Ferry (ala North vs. South).

Now, from that civil war, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. emerged, (Supreme Court Justice of high respect) and made it his focus to avoid wars-by encouraging free speech-heck-he reinvented it, with what lawyers call "procedural due process rights"- also elevating free speech "forums"- where dissident ideas must be heard.

Not that any one idea is right, or even might be right-but because we need as many ideas as possible to solve problems-and resolve conflict, which is where I came in at, right?

Then let's start a forum in Storm Lake to talk about these things and develop some game plans to most efficiently and effectively change the world - ok, at least reduce the nutrient load downstream. Yes, Gronstal has already suggested this for "after the election," but why wait til then? I say starting Saturday October 8, 9:00 am, King's Pointe, on the lake-they have a fine buffet, (and each Saturday hence) and I'll start inviting candidates and other stake-holders (that means everybody, capish?). I'll get as many engineer gurus I can to come - to bone people up on the science angle (ok, biological denitrification and activated carbon for a few). All ideas get to be heard - no barricades.

And for people new to Storm Lake, we'll have a few fishing boats available for at least a free ride on the lake and weather permitting, some catfish action.