Lake water quality holding steady at 22-24"

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A local man who has been faithfully measuring the water clarity on Storm Lake for 13 years feels that the benefits from dredging have plateaued, but suggests that an impending end to the dredging era could see the reversal of the hard-won water quality gains.

Mike Brecher said that recent clarity readings have been 22-24 inches. With over 135 readings so far this season, measurements have varied from below 18 inches to a high of 43 inches. At times, he believes, the dredge itself may be causing the lower readings, stirring soil from the bottom of the lake as it works.

The lake is clearer than before dredging began in 2002, but the readings have shown less improvement in the last couple of years.

Brecher said he expects clarity readings to decline if the dredging stops. "I'm afraid we could lose the lake," he said.

The original goal of local dreading efforts was to achieve an average of 28 inches of clarity.

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