Letter to the Editor

What's Jim Patrick doing?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

What's Jim Patrick doing?

So what if he is looking for another job - doesn't everybody? So what's he been doing? He brought goats to town - but beside herbivores herbivoring, he has been seen as an environmental advocate - bringing drainage and water quality improvements to bear in almost every direction. His wife is spearheading a watershed group - and now the old goat himself is corralling or at least haranguing all 14 counties to join a bigger plan - we know he is a champ grant writer already - and if he pulls this off he has a grander chance at some $96 million in fed money for water quality "resiliency" grant.

They say when you have lemons make lemonade right? Well, if we are at the epicenter of a nitrate water pollution problem, (from whatever accumulated sources) why not make us the center of resolution - and bringing folks to Storm Lake next week sounds good - probably fills King's Pointe too, eh?

Not too shabby, Jim -j ust get this a done deal before whatever your plans are to pass and that's that.