Letter to the Editor

Pipeline spills are happening

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Native Americans in Marquette protest an oil pipeline in North Dakota and rightly so.

We have heard about pipelines springing devastating leaks all over the country, resulting in serious harm to local ecosystems and contamination of nearby water sources. There is no way to guarantee that the same will not happen with the Bakken pipeline. Earlier this week, Becky had shared with us an article that states on January 17, 2016, oil from a broken pipeline seeped into the Yellowstone River, and contaminated the water supply 10 miles south of Glendive, Montana. The release was from Bridger Pipeline LLC's 12-inch Poplar line, which can carry 42,000 barrels a day of crude from the Bakken formation and runs from Canada south to Baker, Montana. The company said in a statement that the pipeline was shut down within an hour of the leak. About 30,000 gallons of crude was spilled, with about 28,000 gallons of crude was lost.

February 14, 2016, a 6-inch crude oil pipeline broke near Rozet, Wyoming, spilling about 1,500 gallons of crude oil into a creek bed. April 2, 2016, the TransCanada Corporation Keystone Pipeline was observed by a local resident to be leaking, near Freeman, South Dakota. The cause was a crack in a girth weld, and amount of the tar sands spill was about 1,700 gallons. In 2015 and 2016 there have been over 40 pipeline leaks or incidents that have been reported.

The native Indians are protesting to protect the land and to protect the waters because you can't drink oil, you can't drink money, but you can drink water. The Native Americans have also stated that besides providing temporary jobs to the area it also brings danger--organized crime, hard drugs, traffic fatalities--and other problems.

My question is why aren't there more people protesting and why people aren't upset that corporate America is destroying the land we live on for the sake of the all mighty dollar. When does the madness stop? We have alternative ways to produce oil and ruining the land with pipelines and oil is not the answer folks.