Letter to the Editor

Put politeness back in politics

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I gotta share this absolutely true phone call I received last week from a guy with the Iowa Democratic Party:

"May I speak with Edward please?"

A caller asking for "Edward" is never a good sign. "This is Ed, " I respond.

"Would you be able to volunteer to help our candidates on the south side this weekend?"


"Would you be able to volunteer sometime this fall leading up to the election?"


"Are you going to vote for all the Democrats on the ticket this fall?"


"Can you tell me which Democrats you are going to vote for?"


"Well, thanks for wasting my time." Hangs up.

Wow! I was trying to help him with time management by giving short, concise answers. No gratitude at all. Of the many things the Democratic Party is doing wrong these days, you can add "poor customer service" to the list.