Letter to the Editor

Useful Idiots

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

During coffee this last week, Becky brought up the subject of Saul Alinsky and what he had predicted on how to control the people of the United States or any other country. At first we thought she was kidding, but after doing some research I am afriad she is correct. Akubsky states that there are eight rules to create a Society State.

Here are those steps. First control health care and you control the people. Increase the poverty level as much as possible because poor people are easier to control and if the government provides everything for them they will not fight back. Increase the debt to an unattainable level, this will allow the government to increases taxes, this will create more poverty. Gun contron: remove the ability for people to defend themselves from the government, this will create a police state.Welfare: get control of every aspect of people's live, this include their food, housing and income. Education: take over control of education and control of the media and schools. Control what people see, hear and read. Teach them what you want them to learn in schools, this doesn't necessarily mean the truth, but what you want them to believe is the truth. Control religion, discredit the belief in God and abolish religion from schools and the government. Divide the people into wealthy or poor, create a class warfare. This will create discontent, and will get the poor to support taxing the wealthy. This is happening today in our country and we need to stop it, we need to stop being "Useful Idiots" and think carefully when putting elected officials into office this next election. I don't have the answers to stop this madness, but I know we need to unite and find a solution.