Letter to the Editor

Reconsider Witter funding cut

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I want to express my dismay at the decision of the City Council to cut funds for the Witter Gallery. The City has many obligations to its citizens, both economic and civic. The Witter Gallery provides a number of important civic functions. It offers opportunities for children, adults, families, and groups to develop an appreciation for the arts. It opens its doors to multiple community groups. The children's art classes and shows of student work offer enhanced opportunities to the limited time the schools devote to art.

The large percentage cut is puzzling given that the City seems to have no trouble spending $19,000 to look for a new employee. The cut to the Witter budget is harmful, not only terms of dollars, but also the impact it will have on being able to raise other funds. Many, if not most grants, want to see local partnerships. The city funding is an important way to demonstrate that local support.

I urge the City Council to reconsider its funding of Witter Gallery.