Branstad marks record as longest- serving U.S. governor

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad entered the political record books Monday as the longest serving governor in American history, dating all the way back to colonial times.

December 14 marked the 7,642nd day in office as governor for the six-term Republican. That's just shy of 21 years in the office. Branstad claims the record that had been held by former New York Gov. George Clinton, whose service includes some pre-Constitution time, and is far out in front of any recent or current governor.

"The milestone is a testament to the fact that while political fashions have changed, this serious son of small town farmers has managed to remain relevant," The Associated Press opined. The group Progress Iowa, however, released a statement, saying that while media outlets across Iowa will highlight this milestone and offer glowing variations of Branstad's legacy, it hopes to use the occasion to stress political promises that it says Branstad has broken during his years in office.

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