Letter to the Editor

Once more, 'Tom's donation'

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On November 14th I had the privilege of doing a memorial service for a fellow Christian servant, Tom Keller. Most of you know Tom from his 40 years of going door to door asking for donations for the Needy Children's Christmas Auction, except in Marcus because of a local family's willingness to help out.

Every year Tom and Stan Sitzman would compete to see who could raise the most money. According to Stan, Tom has only lost once. Well, with Tom's passing Stan is in need of some help this year. As I challenged everyone at the memorial service and those of you in the community, to donate this year in honor of Tom's hard work.

Donate twice as much as last year, or whatever you can afford, so even thought Tom has gone home to be with his Lord and Savior he can still raise more money than Stan. Send your donation to Stan Sitzman before December 10th with a note or on the check memo line, "Tom's donation." Stan can then let everyone know at the auction on December 12th who won this year. Please, donate and encourage others to donate as well. Thank you, and farewell to a good servant and thoughtful man, Tom Keller. Contributions can be sent to Stan Sitzman, 301 Flint, Cherokee, 51012, or Heritage Bible Church, P.O. Box 155, Cherokee, 51012.