Letter to the Editor

Bottled Up Emotions

Thursday, November 5, 2015

You previously ran an item called "Bottled Up Emotion." Some of your readers questioned whether the can and bottle bill should be done away with.

Before the can and bottle bill was passed, I lived for a number of years in Boone, Iowa and participated in the annual city-wide clean-up in the spring.

A neighbor and I one year took on about 1/2 mile of road along the edge of town and by the time we were done, had filled our pickups and gone to the landfill three times each with the trash in that half mile. I helped clean up other areas in other years with similar experience. Contrary to the claims of the beverage industry, about 90% of what we found in the ditches was beverage cans and bottles.

After the can and bottle bill was passed, it wasn't a year or two before the city cancelled the clean-up altogether. The deposit gives enough people incentive to keep the cans pretty well cleaned up from the slobs that still pitch them out the window. There is still trash in the ditch, a lot of it plastic bags and water bottles. Local groups often take on the thankless job of cleaning them up.

What do you think would happen if the can and bottle deposit were eliminated? I think they should double the deposit and add non-carbonated beverages to the deposit requirement, especially water bottles.