Letter to the Editor

Climate rally disrupts a Trump love-fest

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In the fight for a just and peaceful world - and now, in the fight against climate change - I've done a lot of uncomfortable things. Running for office, walking thousands of miles, fasting, getting arrested. None of that is in my "fun-time" category.

But what I did this week beat all else in terms of discomfort. Please check out the press release, below (and accompanying news reports and videos are available online) about our climate action at a Donald Trump campaign event this week.

But first, an important reminder: The Iowa Utilities Board hearing on the proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline draws near, with a date of November 12 in Boone. For regular updates, visit Bakken Pipeline Resistance and/or No Bakken Here.

Trump supporters get aggressive with climate-change activists

Oct. 9, 2015

WATERLOO, IOWA - On Wednesday, October 7, a group of Iowans - several dressed as Rosie the Riveter - interrupted Donald Trump's campaign speech at the Electric Park Ballroom with calls to "Mobilize Now!" and "Climate Action Now!" The seven-member team was there on behalf of The Climate Mobilization, a national campaign calling on the United States to end net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and restore a safe climate for humanity through a World War II-scale mobilization of the economy.

Trump initially endorsed the suggestion, saying, "That's right, mobilize now."

When demonstrators continued their call, chanting "Climate Action Now," Trump realized he had made a mistake. "Oh, I thought they were on our side!"

Trump supporters became aggressive with the demonstrators, pushing them and grabbing and destroying their signs. Miriam Kashia, a 72-year old woman from Iowa City, was shoved from behind and nearly fell over.

As demonstrators walked toward the exit, some in the crowd became hostile. Others, however, offered heartfelt words of thanks. Kashia reported that, while she was exiting the event, "A woman held out her hands and said, 'Thank you for doing that.'"