Letter to the Editor

Baseball historian remembers his visit to Storm Lake fondly

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I am sure you must know how appreciative I am of your article which informed readers of my June visit to Storm Lake, Iowa to speak at the Buena Vista County Historical Society. I hadn't properly thanked you for your publicity. Please forgive me for my lateness. I had an opportunity to read the column which appeared in your newspaper and I enjoyed it immensely. I have posted a link to the article on my various social media accounts, and people nationwide are enjoying these comments. My national tour has been very aggressive in its scheduling and every article helped to move me forward.

Considering you don't often write about Negro League activities, you seem to handle the topic with great agility. Your kind words in my behalf were, of course, especially gratifying for me. I can hardly express how much it has meant to have such an encouraging article supporting my work. You are to be congratulated on your fine article which appeared in the June 6, 2015 edition of the Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune on page 3B, with a photograph of Monarchs' Hall of Fame player, Willard Brown.

It is exciting to present baseball history in such unique times as these. As your article stated, I am appearing at historical societies, libraries and museums in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and other states, 100 cities total in two years, to talk about Kansas City Monarchs' visits in those regions. As of today, I have seven cities remaining to reach 100. My original goal was for 90 cities but I've now exceeded that goal. This is exhausting work, but I enjoy it immensely.

I will always remember my great reception on that June evening in Storm Lake, for events of this nature assure our faith in diversity and make certain that talks of this kind are indeed justified. Give my regards to the writers and staff at the Storm Lake PilotTribune. I wish you well in your journalistic career and hope to visit your newspaper's office the next time I visit the area.