Letter to the Editor

Grandpa said it only takes one

Thursday, September 10, 2015

These past two years, I have kept quiet and working, across the entire North American continent, toward making our agriculture-based economy more productive and prepared to weather the coming compounded crises, which are absolutely certain to result from the total lack of rational leadership, across every sector of our highly overly-partisan, under-educated and entertainment-obsessed society, and the normal repetitive cycles of climate, which are more driven by poorly-understood over-lapping cycles of the Sun, perhaps, with some slight exacerbation from the gamut of myriad human actions.

It is far better to do something productive, than to just talk about the importance of doing it, as most humans follow examples far better than instructions.

So, I decided to stop writing and re-double my efforts at doing.

However, there are not enough hours in the day for me to reach enough rational minds to counter the bad influences of just one Hillary or Donald Tweet!

So, now, the World is burning with sectarian strife, violent crime, hunger, disease and mass migrations of economic and conflict refugees. Our fragile false economy, based entirely upon artificially inflating the fiat money supply, is faltering, again, before 99% of the population ever saw any benefit. We are graduating more and dumber kids than ever before, despite spending record dollars on education. Recruitment for law enforcement and the military has fallen far short, and the Divider-in-Chief's incompetence and inflammatory rhetoric has brought increasing violent crime, Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, sectarian conflict and racial division to our own shores. And, if permitted to stand, Obama's treasonous Iranian nuclear treaty will surely bring World War III upon us all, if Americans do not stand up to say, "Enough is already far too much!"

Yet, we do not need the next of a political dynasty, who thinks it their turn, nor another closet socialist, who understands nothing about free market economics. We do not need a Trump, apparently, the pale mirror image of Obama, who constantly pokes his finger in the eye of the loyal opposition, at every possible opportunity, then, childishly, impetuously and so tiresomely complains that they won't work with him.

Neither do we need a proven liar, who accomplished nothing stabilizing as Secretary of State, or placed her own desire to avoid the lawful congressional oversight over our national security!

We need a 'Uniter-in-Chief', who can bring these two diametrically opposed extremist sides, together, and get us talking and working toward the same goals, again.

This extremely puerile partisanship is ripping our country apart, wasting our increasingly sparse capital resources, killing our productivity, and making it impossible for us to proceed forward on any path, whatsoever!

We must grow up and face the truth, we all care about our country and our children's futures, so, we must stop calling each other "evil" and seek rational compromise, and we must stop electing the most accomplished liar, from the same old corrupt party that our Daddy and Grandpa voted for!

We need a new, pure, grassroots national unity party, with no old rotten apples inside!