Letter to the Editor

Why Mexico is angry

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

At coffee this weekend we were talking about the candidates that are running for the position of president and the topic came up about what Trump has been talking about, illegal immigrants. He has been saying things that many of us has been talking about and thinking about for a few years now. Becky brought a letter she had gotten from her daughter that lives in Arizona. It was an article that was an AP story that read that the state of Arizona passed a law that effectively sends illegals back to Mexico, the Mexican government officials get angry.

Many people assume that illegal immigration is an American problem, but in reality is the result of the dysfunction of Mexico - a country that despises its own poor and has no intention of providing the kind of classless opportunity that permeates American culture and society. The article she shared states that MEXICO IS ANGRY! Three cheers for Arizona. The shoe is on the other foot and the Mexicans from the State of Sonora, Mexico doesn't like it. Can you believe the nerve of these people? It's almost funny. The State of Sonora is angry at the influx of Mexicans into Mexico. Nine state legislators from the Mexican State of Sonora traveled to Tucson to complain about Arizona's new employer crackdown on illegals from Mexico.

It seems that many Mexican illegals are returning to their hometowns and the officials in the Sonora state government are ticked off. A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora was in Tucson on Tuesday to state that Arizona's new Employer Sanctions Law will have a devastating effect on the Mexican state.

At a news conference, the legislators said that Sonora - Arizona's southern neighbor, made up of mostly small towns - cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools that it will face as Mexican workers return to their hometowns from the USA without jobs or money.

The Arizona law, which took effect Jan. 1, punishes Arizona employers who knowingly hire individuals without valid legal documents to work in the United States. Penalties include suspension of, or loss of, their business license. The Mexican legislators are angry because their own citizens are returning to their hometowns, placing a burden on THEIR state government. 'How can Arizona pass a law like this?' asked Mexican Rep Leticia Amparano-Gamez, who represents Nogales.

'There is not one person living in Sonora who does not have a friend or relative working in Arizona,' she said, speaking in Spanish. 'Mexico is not prepared for this, for the tremendous problems it will face as more and more Mexicans working in Arizona and who were sending money to their families return to their home-towns in Sonora without jobs,' she said. 'We are one family, socially and economically,' she said of the people of Sonora and Arizona.


The United States is a sovereign nation, not a subsidiary of Mexico, and its taxpayers are not responsible for the welfare of Mexico's citizens. It's time for the Mexican government, and its citizens, to stop freeloading off the United States and to start taking care of its/their own needs. Too bad those other states within the USA don't pass a law just like that passed by Arizona. Maybe Trump is on to something folks?