Raptors lay down law to Lawton-Bronson

Monday, January 26, 2015
Photos from left to right: Karen Lamp of Ridge View moves into the key for a shot earlier this season. Garret Lamp of Ridge View works his way past a defender earlier this year. / Photos by Mark Schafer

HOLSTEIN - If it wasn't for the third quarter on Friday night both the boys and girls teams for Ridge View wouldn't have a win.

Luckily for both teams the third quarter is a mandatory part of the game, and it helped Ridge View secure two important victories on Friday night.

Ridge View's girls won the game 51-45 in their game after trailing by three at halftime. To start the second half, Raptors Head Coach, Jessica Christitensen made some adjustments to help the girls pull ahead by five at the end of three quarters of play.

"We were focused and on a mission tonight," said Christensen. "We had a slow start, but didn't panic. We controlled possessions when we needed to and made some big plays."

As the big plays started to roll in the confidence of the Raptors started to accelerate and they were able to pull out by five by the end of the game.

Friday night's win moves the Raptors to 5-9 on the season with conferce tournament play looming on the horizon.

When the boys took to the court, they were wanting to have better success than what the girls team had found. They were plagued with the same slow start however.

"The guys really came to play and were not going to be denied," said Ridge View Head Coach Ken Slater. "Lawton-Bronson has improved all season and we knew we had to have one of our better games for the win."

Ridge View proved to be the better of the two teams Friday night as they battled from behind to secure a 49-41 victory over the Eagles. The victory wasn't theirs until the start of the fourth quarter though.

Ridge View went to halftime down by two and the Raptors were needing something big to happen to give them an edge in the second half.

That is when Branden Else came in with a big three pointer early in the third quarter. After Else hit that three the home court advantage was in full effect as Ridge View started to pull away.

In the fourth quarter the Raptors had flipped the two point disadvantage at half into a three point advantage to start the fourth.

In the back and fourth final quarter Noah Frahm, who had 15 points for the Raptors on Friday, sealed the game with a pair of buckets late.

The eight point win provides Ridge View with at least a second place finish in the regular season conference play in the Western Valley Conference. Also it gives Ridge View a second place seeding for the Western Valley Conference tournament, and a home game, which will begin on Thursday.

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