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BV power equipment opens its doors

Monday, May 5, 2014

The ribbon cutting at BV power equipment from left to right, Lindsay Brown is holding Ellie Brown, Connor Brown, Kaden and his dad Chris Brown and Deb Brown officially open BV Power Equipment. / Photo by Mark Schafer
After years of working with things that had a bigger motor, Chris Brown has stepped down to working with something that has a little smaller engine.

Last week, Brown was able to put one of his hobbies together and officially open up his own shop along North Lake Avenue.

"It is a dream come true," Brown said at the Storm Lake United ribbon cutting. "This is the result of a lot of hard work, and help from many different people."

Brown got his start on the path to becoming a small engine seller through what has been a long-term friendship with the Fitzpatrick family that owns Fitzpatrick Auto Center in Storm Lake.

"I worked at Fitzpatrick as a GM tech for 13 years," Brown said. "I just kind of fell into small engines along the way. They are really just like small vehicles."

Brown fell into the business with one simple phone call that has taken his life in a whole new direction, but a direction that Brown has enjoyed.

"It was a phone call that really got me into the business," Brown said about his minor career change. "My friend had heard a rumor that the only place in town that fixed smaller engines was going to close."

After thinking it over, and realizing about the need for a small-engine seller and repair shop in town, Brown decided to go into that business. Although the road from the phone call to the implementation of the business to the ribbon cutting has been long, Brown has been thankful for the journey.

"One of the hardest things during the process was finding the space," Brown said. "I had one space, but that didn't work, so we had to move, and moving an up-and-coming business is not easy."

Although the move added long hours to his already busy day, he was happy with how the move turned out.

With a building, and a business plan in place, Brown needed to find what type of equipment to sell, and this turned out to be one of the less complicated parts of the business, Brown said.

"Bringing in Husqvarna was a complicated, but fairly easy process," Brown remembers. "I wasn't sure if I was going to get them since I was new in town, but after initially talking to them, I think they realized the need for this equipment in the town. It turned from me seeking them, to them seeking me."

Brown described the experience with Husqvarna as a very positive one.

Through all the hard work, Brown has finally felt like he's settling into his new job, but he wants to use lessons from Fitzpatrick as a model for how he runs his business.

"In my years at Fitzpatrick, I saw how they operated, and their business is like a family," Brown said. "That's something that I want at my shop. It's the little things that you may not notice at the time, but that when you reflect on them are actually big."

Working on keeping the little things around is high amongst Brown's list of priorities for his shop.

One of the little things that can be a big thing later on, is how Brown will work on any small-engine motor that comes into his shop.

"I can get parts for almost any brand that there is out there," Brown said. "I'm continuing to get access to other brands parts, and if there is something that is broken, I will be able to fix it."

Keeping the small things in order is what Brown is wanting to help people with.

In addition to Husqvarna brand, Brown also sells Snapper, Briggs and Straton and is an Oregon dealer as well.

Buena Vista Power equipment is located at 1229 Lake Ave.

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