Letter to the Editor

Computer recycling

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From the "landfill" : We do not landfill computers or electronics- they are recycled and we accept them for free! [Regarding a Jan. 31 article on a Genesis Development computer recycling program] It is unfair to say that just because you are taking an item to the "landfill" which is a "recycling center" in our community that it is buried. We recycle all items that we take in as recyclable - including the computer monitors, televisions, tires, appliances, paper, cardboard, tins cans, aluminum, plastic, metals, batteries, wood, and now we also have an outlet for clothing. These items- if brought to us as recyclable- are recycled and some of these items are actually banned from landfilling in Iowa. Don't count us out- we need the support. Landfills (or more appropriately - Solid Waste Agencies) are not the enemy and most often are the best solution for your recycling needs as well. We also count on the revenues we receive from recycling to offset operational costs which is a savings passed on to our county residents. This spring we plan to offer asphalt shingle recycling here as well. Just one other item that the Solid Waste Agency is working on diverting from the landfill and keeping the service in the county - which benefits the county residents as well as the environment.