Alta teachers ask for 8 percent increase; District will respond today

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Alta Education Association presented its teacher pay proposal last week to the District.

The Association is asking for an 8 percent increase to be distributed between salary increases and insurance, which totals about $214,000 in benefits.

The Association is also asking for a few changes in the contract.

* Sick Leave - asking that "up to two days per year may be used for the care of a relative or in-law upon approval of the superintendent. The superintendent has sole discretion in approving sick leave for a relative beyond immediate family."

* Jury Duty Leave - Per diem rate of pay if subpoenaed to testify.

* Employment Term - Teachers will have a 25-minute duty free lunch.

* Insurance - Add dental insurance and vision insurance.

The District will respond to theAssociation's proposal today.

After each side makes its initial proposal, the meetings will go into closed session as an agreement is reached.