Letter to the Editor

Local no-kill shelter offers help

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have noticed in your paper recently, that Lake Animal Hospital is having a certain amount of trouble placing strays into good homes before the animals are euthanized. One of the articles mentions that the facility has gone to no-kill shelters in the region with some of the strays as long as there is space available,

What surprises me is that there is a local no-kill shelter out in the country at Newell with excellent facilities where the animals are not caged, that has space available at this time, yet they have never been contacted to help with any of these animals. I know that Lake Animal is aware of this shelter, why not work with them and include them for the sake of the animals? Instead they euthanize them. Death after five months or so (as stated in the article) is better than a warm home with no cages while they wait for a forever home?

BV Cat and Dog Rescue League has been operating in the area for over 10 years and is a state-licensed 501c3 non-profit organization, The facilities are newly-renovated, clean, warm and the animals are well taken care of. Shouldn't the focus be on saving the animals' lives and nothing else? I know right now that there are at least two cats at the shelter that have been there for a bout a year, and they are still taken care of and up for adoption. In the past it has been as long as five years for a couple cats.

I don't understand the push for building a county shelter when there is a no-kill shelter avialable with space. I think we should maximize the existing facilities and then see if the number of animals still warrants building a county shleter.

BVCDRL has minimal surrender fees for uwanted animals and a low adoption fee as they are non-profit and run solely by private donations and the work of unpaid volunteers. They get no grants, funds or any other support from any government - city, county, state or federal. yet they provide excellent facilties and care for these animals. They do this because their hearts are in the right place - saving the lives of unwannted and stray animals.

So how about working together for the animals? If you have any questions about BVCDRL or would like to see the facilities, please contact the rescue at 712-272-3709. They accept strays and unwanted animals by appointment. Please leave a message if you need to and someone will get back to you.