Letter to the Editor

We are all neighbors

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My name is Stephanie and I grew up in Storm Lake. During my time there this community has endured many violent and racist incidences. When I would walk down the street with a group of Laotion kids that I looked after the tension was so thick that you could cut a knife through it.

I haven't been there in person since 2003, but even then it had the same situations. I imagine that the same scenarios occur (i.e. large fight on Kenzy St.) I'm not sure since then how the community servants, law enforcement, or members of the community have done to promote civility, harmony, and/or dignity between neighbors but I would like to propse an idea. I feel it would be very congenial to have an invitation for local people and former citizens to write a small profile of themselves. We all have stories to tell.

While growing up I hung out with some of the most amazing women that I have come to know that have risen out of the such environments of being mocked, teased, ridiculed, or provoked due to life circumstances which includes interracial socialization and acceptance with other members of the community.

I would like to invite you to employ this idea for better sense of community and reinforcing the understanding that we are all neighbors in this world and we can get along even with our differences.