Getting spongy at area concert

Monday, January 28, 2013

SpongeCake & the Fluff Ramblers make a rare Iowa appearance Sunday, Feb. 17, 5-9 p.m. at Byron's in Pomeroy.

A beatnik, funkadelic fusion jam band that tours heavily from Colorado to California, the Ramblers describe themselves this way:

"If the 80's Grateful Dead and the '90's String Cheese Incident got together and had an illegitimate love child, that child would sound like (us) - 100 % all natural organic jam providing sustenance to the head and soul!"

The band originated in the Carolinas, with members coming from the rock, folk, funz and jazz genres. The core is Steven Davidson, Brandon Webber, Wavey Davey Roberts, Bill "Bust A Move" Shadden and Chris Inman, but great musicians from all over the country sit in at any given time, giving the band an improvisational feel, in both electric and unplugged formats. No two shows are ever the same.

SCATFR has shared the stage with Consider The Source, Cope, Green Sunshine, Flux Capacitor, Vertigo Jazz Project, Blue Lotus, Cast Of Clowns and members have recorded with many national stars.

The guys play covers like "CC Rider," and "Cripple Creek," and their eclectic, often tongue-in-cheek originals like "FluxCakes and the Geezer Agent Pandemic," "Tribal Space Jam," "The Pokey is Hokey," "Warm Finger," and "Eh? Jam."