Letter to the Editor

Guns don't kill people, spoiled children do

Monday, January 28, 2013

There are, literally, hundreds of millions of guns in this world, millions un-registered, all easily hidden. It is impossible to confiscate all guns, or to keep them from all who would misuse them, no matter how many laws we pass.

No smart, sane and free people would ever relinquish their guns, because they see our Founding Fathers' wisdom in guaranteeing every free man's uninfringeable right to arm himself with whatever weapon he might feel the need for, to ensure his own security and freedom. They meant no weapon, nor the carrying of it, to be illegal. Only the misuse of any weapon should ever be illegal. Thomas Jefferson said, "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not!"

Only slaves obey laws of tyrants, Patriots should not, as criminals and crazies will not!

We never know when another fragile human mind will snap, our policemen, soldiers, and even Presidents, go crazy, and misuse the power we put in their hands, sometimes.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, including those outlaws in Congress, or the Whitehouse, who do not respect the fundamental rights of others, laid down in our Constitution. The rest of us will be defenseless against all who deny the rights of others to life, liberty and security. All the rest of us will be more insecure, as neither soldiers, nor police, prevent crimes; they merely investigate crimes already done against freemen, or, ignore those crimes, and enforce the will of tyrants, be that one, or a mindless majority of well-meaning nitwits.

Even it were possible to round up all existing guns, people would make their own, because all men, even sick people and ex-felons, have a right to life, and the means to defend their own life, in this very dangerous world.

The firearm is the greatest tool ever invented to make all men free and equal.

Statistics show us that we are safer, today, than we have ever been, with every day and every new gun sold. We will only reach maximum security, when every poor, weak and minority person is sufficiently armed to repel all who might attempt to oppress them.

A well-armed society is a very polite, considerate and peaceful society, in which, those who breach that order, always, find themselves out-gunned by the peaceful majority!

Any gun prohibition would only succeed in driving gun-making underground and grow organized crime, just like Alcohol Prohibition did. We'd create a huge black-market in submachineguns, silencers and big magazines, all of which are easier to make than our modern semi-auto assault-type rifles, now, readily available from any licensed gun-shop or gunsmith.

I know one boy who built his first firearm, at 6, another built his first silencer, at 12, and his first submachinegun, at 14. These kids weren't evil, just bright young tinkerers, whose daily existence was threatened by bullies. They never misused their guns, as the vast majority of millions of gun-owners never do, but guns saved their lives.

Even the mere possession of a superior means to defend oneself from harm is therapeutic to the human psyche. I encourage all to go to a licensed range to shoot machine guns. You will be surprised at the calm you experience from the knowledge of your own ability to control superior firepower. The most dangerous human psychoses develop from our most fundamental anxieties and insecurities, all so easily cured at a gun range.

Of course, neither total gun prohibition, nor a gun in every hand, will ever stop murder.

In 2011, more people were killed with hammers than with rifles, of all kinds, because human rage knows no bounds.

Are we going to confiscate and melt down all tools, too?

Yet, before hammers were invented, men murdered men with rocks!

I can beat any size magazine I want out of a chunk of car body, using a piece of wood and a rock. Shouldn't we outlaw cars, trees and rocks, too?

Whatever has already been invented by the mind of man cannot be un-learned. The cat is out of the bag, we cannot put it back in. Guns, with huge magazines, are with us, forever.

If you ever face a gang of criminals, or tyrants, you will be glad to have them.

The only course left to us is to tame the savage beast that is the human animal.

Remember, we still call the period before guns were invented the Dark Ages!

Why? Because sword, spear, axe and club wielding bullies controlled every corner of the Earth and crushed all weaker beneath their boots!

This could only happen, because, the weak had no guns with which to defend themselves.

Every human should get down on their knees and praise the God of Our Fathers that men were created smart enough to conceive and build the guns that freed humanity from the unjust tyrannies of such animals!

All these radical gun-hating leftist ideologs should be put into a time machine and sent back to live their ignorance-based dream in the time before Samuel Colt and Oliver Winchester made even the weakest and meekest human equal to the strongest and meanest. Repeating firearms made even one weakling equal to a whole mob of thugs.

Our problem is not guns; it is poor parents who raise bullies and their sociopathic victims.

If a child is not taught consideration for the rights of others, and is never made to experience pain, humiliation, and the redemption of public apology and rectification of injustices, when he inflicts pain on others, at a very young age, he will ruin his own life, and the lives of many others, before he meets a very bitter end.

It is progressive do-gooders who have brought this plague of extreme sociopathic violence upon our society, by their interference with others' good parenting.

The Good Book is absolutely correct in its admonition, "If you beat your child, he will surely not die, but if you do not, he will surely lose his own soul."

We need to return to the time-honored Rule of Thumb, and get government completely out of parenting, or we will surely see more -- spare the rod, spoil the child, and lament their mass murders.