A-A speech students move on to state

Monday, January 28, 2013
About 70 A-A large group speech students have earned the opportunity to compete at the state large group speech contest Feb. 2. On the left front is speech coach Brandon Assman and on the right is assistant speech coach Luke Miller.

Seventeen A-A large group speech entries competed at the district contest Jan. 19; fourteen of those groups were selected to go on to compete at the state contest which will be held Feb. 2.

Brandon Assman is the speech coach.

Selected for state, receiving a I rating:

Varsity Events

* Choral Reading- "Let's All Go to the Movies"

Ali Turnquist, Ashley Peterson, Trenton Delp, Brielle Kolpin, Chayce Glienke, Connor Napierala, Jayden VanBerkum, Jesse Boehmer, Kaity Brake, Katie Turnquist, Meri Kestel, Paige Sivinski, Rachel Arnts, Taler Stanton, Tyler Larson

* Ensemble Acting

Paige Sivinski, Rachel Arnts, Beth Carlson, Ashley Peterson

* Ensemble Acting

Alejandra Mendoza, Molly McDaniel

* Short Film - "Mistaken Identity"

Molly McDaniel, Alejandra Mendoza

* Group Mime - "The Truth Behind Retirement Homes"

Meri Kestel, Chayce Glienke, Titus Letzring, Nathan Flaherty

* Group Mime - "Amusement Park Hijinks"

Brielle Kolpin, Erica Lockin, Zach Sliefert, Alex Larson

* Group Improv

Fidel DeLao, Val Hernandez, Spencer Bezoni

* Group Improv

Connor Napierala, Jesse Boehmer, Zach Lukkes

* Group Improv

Trenton Delp, Nathan Flaherty, Titus Letzring, Tyler Larson, Jayson Van Haaften

* Theatre

April Hase, Cory Ballantyne, Grace Weiland, Jason Flaherty, Jenna Snyder, Joe Napierala, Kelsi Snyder, Laura Holmes, Matthew Swanson. Michael Swanson, Michelle Ruby, Mikayla Tuttle, Olivia Heschke, Sarah Miller, Tayler Rohwer

* Radio Broadcasting

Ange Rehnstrom, Trevor Cuthbertson, Kade Lindback, Josh Baxter, Cody Cameron, Steph Robbins, Steven Handwork

* One-Act Play

April Hase, Ben Wetherell, Chloey Arispe, Cory Ballantyne, Cristena Heschke, Grace Weiland, Gracie Winterhof, Hannah Engelke, Jenna Snyder, Josh Baxter, Kaity Brake, Kelsi Snyder, Kennadee Fellows, Kirk Carlson, Laura Holmes, Sarah Miller, Shelby Miller, Val Hernandez, Zach Lukkes

* Musical Theatre - "The Problems With Men"

Beth Carlson, Chloey Arispe, Erica Lockin

9th Grade

* Musical Theatre - "The Joys of Sister Hood"

Abigail Anderson, Katie Van Berkum, Reghan Harms, Tiernan Kolpin

* Reader's Theatre - "Cinderella"

Abigail Anderson, Britney Hase, Chase Damewood, Danielle Peterson, Izzy Hinkeldey, Jack Glienke, Katie Post, Katie Van Berkum, Luisa Mendoza, Peyton Price, Reghan Harms, Tiernan Kolpin

Three groups that worked hard but received II ratings were:

* Musical Theatre - "Today I Feel Like Singing"

Danielle Peterson, Ben Kearney, Abby Hill

* Radio Broadcasting - "HITS"

Jake Berg, Manny Murrilo, Jeremiah Ruby, Ross Friedrich, Brandon Glienke,

* Group Improv

Bryce Radke, Chase Damewood, Jacob Husman, Shawn Henley