Mission Healthcare expands, announces Welcov Healthcare as new name; Wel-Life of Alta is one of 54 facilities operated by the company

Friday, January 4, 2013

Minneapolis-based Mission Healthcare has changed its name to Welcov (well-cove) Healthcare, signaling its ongoing commitment to better serve its communities with compassion, dignity and a welcoming, progressive approach.

The recent name change coincides with a period of great expansion for the company. In early December, Welcov added Lantis Enterprises, which includes Wel-Life of Alta. Welcov now operates 54 facilities and home health agencies.

Please note that while similar, Wel-Life retains its name. Besides its name change, the owners plan no changes to Wel-Life.

"We are excited to grow and build the Welcov family," said Paul Contris, CEO. "It is our goal to serve and provide the highest quality care for our residents. We believe in making a difference every day."

"The name change captures the spirit of our company and represents our commitment to wellness and creating compassionate and caring environments," added Tom Boerboom, President and COO of Welcov.

Welcov Healthcare has been in existence since 1997.