Alta board continues discussion on old school building

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Alta School Board held a special meeting last week to discuss the old Alta High School building.

They discussed the areas that are currently being usedat the building.

There are three preschool classrooms at the building and the central office is still located there.

The board has concerns over where those classes will go if the decision is made to demolish the building.

Supt. Evans told them that there is ample space at the elementary building. He stressed that it is good educational space, too, not space that would need to be made.

He pointed out that kindergarten numbers are up and an additional classroom will be needed for them at the elementary as the second semester begins when the classes are divided into three.

The board has always had the desire to keep the gym and shop areas (which also includes the newly done wrestling room in the lower level) if the building is demolished.

Supt. Evans was directed to speak with the architect firm FEH and get updated figures on cost for renovating the building and cost of demolishing it. The figures the board currently has were from 2009. At that time, it was estimated to renovate the building would cost $1.2 million, which included electrical and plumbing updates.

There have been two public meetings to gather information from the public on what should be done with the building. No firm decision has been made and no timeline has been established at this time either.

It is difficult, he said, to make a decision on a structure that holds so many memories for so many people.

"We are treating the building like a member of the family. That is why we are moving slow on this, in respect of the building."

The board will have another special meeting in the new year to discuss the new dollar figures.