A dozen wassail parties

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Touch of Broadway, the musical group comprised of over a dozen people who work hard every day in their individual careers but share their love of music with the public, presented its 12th concert at the Witter Gallery wassail party this week.

The group of entertainers have a great following. Not only do people love to hear the variety of songs - show tunes, light rock, country western, light opera, patriotic, songs from different eras, and the "oldies" - but they also watch the group interact together. With all of the entertainers having done shows with the Buena Vista Community Theatre, they are actors as well.

It is not unusual for the audience members to mouth the words of the familiar songs and there is always feet tapping.

The group was born following the production of the Buena Vista County Theatre's production of "The Sound of Music" in 2000. They never dreamed they would still be performing together - they envisioned perhaps five shows. After performing the event for the first time, the audience was enthralled with the magnificent sounds that flowed from their mouths. Requests continued to come in; that first year they presented 26 shows.

After all this time together, they are like family. There have only been a few member changes in the years.

Co-directors Carol Huntzicker and Glee Crippin said it is fun to develop the shows, which are developed each year, which contain some serious aspects, and a great deal of humor, along with classic tunes and pop tunes "so we appeal to any age group."

No two shows are ever the same, they said, as there is a lot of ad-libbing going on.

Vocalists are Carol Huntzicker, Glee Crippin, Randy Ericksen, Therese Becker, Lisa Lindeman, Diana Waldstein, Rusty Smith, Dan Andrews, Terry Parson; Paul Hill, Margo Sievers and Emma Kollasch. Kevin Anderson is on keyboards.

There is no pay for being involved in the group; but the rewards are plentiful. It is clear to anyone watching their show how much they enjoy music, how much they enjoy sharing it with an attentive audience and how much they truly care for each other.