Letter to the Editor

Every child deserves a stage

Monday, December 3, 2012

As we approach the Dec. 4th election for the vote on the support of an auditorium and high school renovation, I urge you to look at the investment you would be making to the community and to our children. It is amazing that Storm Lake doesn't have an updated auditorium that all our children can perform in. It is imperative that our children experience one moment in their school years to stand on the stage and hear the sound of the applause and the feeling of performance. You cannot do this on a riser in a multi-purpose room or gym. Gyms are great, but they are not stages.

Also, a new auditorium in Storm Lake would be an investment in the betterment of life in our community. Families looking to move to Storm Lake will view a new auditorium as a positive investment. Every town around has a nice auditorium for their children. I can't believe that we don't have a progressive and modern auditorium that will serve us in to the 21st century. Our current auditorium has served us well, but is outdated and isolated from our schools and doesn't allow for ALL students to experience the stage. Imagine what we could do with an auditorium! This vote will give a life changing experience that could define a student's future. The time on the stage is as important as the time on the hardwood.

Please invest in our community's entertainment choices, economic development and especially our children. Every child deserves to stand on a stage!